Home Fragrance With Sticks 250ml.
Home Fragrance With Sticks 250ml.
Home Fragrance With Sticks 250ml.
Home Fragrance With Sticks 250ml.
Home Fragrance With Sticks 250ml.
Home Fragrance With Sticks 250ml.
Home Fragrance With Sticks 250ml.

Home Fragrance With Sticks 250ml.

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The creative workshop created a natural scent for the home. We want our company name to reflect our activities and products, so we created these home fragrances with the highest quality fragrances (essential oils, absolutes, plant extracts, aromatic oils). This fragrance evaporates faster than conventional commercial home fragrances, because we do not use chemical solvents in production, which slow down the evaporation time and have a negative impact on health. The scents we produce are of high quality, you just need to choose the scent you like and adjust the size according to your space.

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home fragrances are naturally formulated and may contain naturally occurring sediments or may differ in color from the image shown due to the essential oils, resins and plant extracts they contain. This has no effect on the intensity of the evaporation of the scent or the quality of the product.

The set includes:

-High quality, thick glass container with stopper.

-250ml fragrance.

-Handmade, oak, engraved, decor item.

-4 sticks of natural fiber, tied with a branded ribbon.


Place the container in the desired place, insert the sticks and enjoy the smell.

Be safe: keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not place near heat/flame sources, drafts and ventilation devices.

We do not recommend flipping the sticks for the first two weeks. For a slower evaporation of the scent or to make the scent less intense, use 2 sticks, if necessary, increase their number to 4. At the beginning of use, it may seem that the scent evaporates very quickly, this is because new sticks absorb a lot of scent, and the evaporation of the pot slows down. After two weeks, the sticks can be turned once a week for a more intense scent. If you have a home fragrance larger than 500ml, we recommend changing the sticks to new ones every 2-3 months, because the micro-channels through which the fragrance evaporates become clogged with dust, so it may seem that the fragrance has weakened.

The fragrances we produce:

 "Tobacco & Oak" is a luxurious composition of wood, spices and tobacco flowers. Top notes of bergamot and bitter orange uplift and harmonize. Black pepper, nard and tobacco flowers provide the main focus in the heart of the fragrance. Vanilla and oak bark extract combine with the warming comfort of wood.

"Baltic Amber" warming composition of wood, amber and spices. In the top notes of the fragrance, the citrus notes of bergamot and bitter orange sound refreshing: multi-layered and refreshing. The middle notes reveal aromas of wood and spices: cedar, dry wood and cloves. The base notes reveal luxurious balsamic notes: sandalwood and patchouli.

"Blackcurrant&Cedarwood" As soon as you inhale the aroma of this composition, you will be enveloped in a soft, soft peach scent with fresh lemon notes. The middle notes are light, fruity, woody notes of blackcurrants with refreshing and energizing oranges. After some time, floral, lush jasmines intertwine with cedar that emits the smell of sapwood.

"Black Juniper" This composition combines a strong whiff of woody notes, an earthy smell of moss and slightly spicy aromas of spices. In the first notes, you will smell sweet, slightly spicy and warming aromas of cloves and cinnamon. The first notes are replaced by a calm, earthy patchouli, together with the scent of cedar and warm amber. The smell of juniper will remind you of the forest, slightly sweet, juicy, slightly bitter, but fresh and refreshing. Juniper is complemented by exotic and luxurious aromas of agarwood and sandalwood.

"Pomegranate & Musk" is a fresh, spicy and energetic scent. Top notes are dominated by summer scents: melons and pomegranates. The aroma of sour pomegranate seeds is accompanied by sweet peaches, strawberries and fresh orange. Cedarwood essential oil gives this composition a warm and woody aroma.

"Mango" is a lightly sweet, fruity and upbeat scent. The top notes of this fragrance are ripe mango, grapefruit and orange. The middle notes are peaches, strawberries and tangerines. The bottom notes smell of white jasmine, a favorite of perfumers for centuries for its romantically sweet scent.

"Date Night" - in this fragrance, the first thing that starts the filter with you is bright, cheerful with a little woody, like a rose - pink pepper. Middle notes begin to tickle the nose with a pleasant and sweet woody aroma - fragrant tonga beans with their accompanying richness and intensity, sweet floral notes, and sexy musk, blooming jasmine and fresh orange surrounding them. The composition of this fragrance is grounded by cedar, which gives a real woody smell, with bright patchouli and sweet vanilla.

"Golden Dunes" - this composition welcomes you with "green" and fresh-smelling Japanese pepper (wasabi), complemented by cool, soft, slightly powdery pansies and citrus freshness of mandarin. The middle notes reveal the most important flower for our sense of smell: sometimes powdery, sometimes woody, sometimes fruity, fresh or very intense, but always romantic - rose, accompanied by sweet, sometimes earthy notes - irises. All the notes hovering above the earth provide the basis for the earthy, moist, woody and smoky smell of vetiver, strong, sweet wood, fragrant sandalwood.

"Green Vervain" As soon as you inhale the scent of this composition, a wave of freshness overwhelms you with fresh, cool notes of green Sicilian lemon and bergamot. In the middle notes, there is a freshness that does not yield to the first notes: verbena, reviving with herbs and citrus, slightly sweet, but fresh-smelling oranges intertwine with flower blossoms. Dancing, energetic notes are soothed by intriguing, balsamic, skin-smelling musk.

"Bergamot&Lemongrass" fresh, refreshingly clean composition. The first notes sound like light, slightly sweet-bitter lemons and bergamot. Middle notes reveal fresh, sweet, grassy and citrusy lemongrass, enhanced by more lemons. The "body" of the composition is given by the base notes of sweetly seductive balsamic and floral blossoms.

"Black Raspberry" in this summer scent are rich, sweet and colorful - orange blossoms reminiscent of white jasmine. Oranges and raspberries add fruity sweetness and juiciness to this composition. The base notes have an earthy, slightly intoxicating, sweet, warm aroma of vanilla, its warming and cozy aroma is enhanced by a light hint of amber.

"Antistress" is a light, primarily uplifting, sweet, fresh orange composition. Enriched with spicy, aromatic, fresh grapefruit and fruity, sweet with mild spicy hints of fragrant bergamot. In the base notes, a soothing, changing scent is spread by lavender.

"TAGA YLANG" is an exclusive, fresh, light and exotic fragrance made entirely from essential oils, with luxurious Ylang Ylang essential oil. Composition of oranges, tangerines, lemons, lavender and Ylang Ylang.

"OUDH" is a heavy, sweet, spicy fragrance for those who value exclusivity. Bergamot, juniper, mahogany, agarwood, frankincense.

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